My name is Sheina.

I make web applications using PHP MVC frameworks and MySQL.

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About me

Professional Web Developer Since 2011.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I immediately found an office job in Davao City, Philippines. I spent 4 years there learning technical skills and the importance of camaraderie among the team. We developed web applications for foreign and local clients.

After a while I decided to shift to working online. In 2015, I joined a small company focusing on online marketing. I got to work with Singaporeans, Malaysians as well as fellow Filipinos. We've also had to communicate with marketing partners from Canada, Estonia, and Netherlands from time to time.

I have also worked freelance jobs, both small and big projects. Through aiming to deliver the best outcome, I have developed my skills in PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap CSS, and Wordpress. Being able to adapt to the latest techniques is also something I was able to achieve in time.



Strengthen your online presence by building up your own website. Let me help you!

Blog Set up

Want to start blogging but don't know how to start? Let me set it up for you!

Bug Fix

Have a website with PHP or Javascript errors? Want to speed it up? Let's fix that!


Need advice? I'm willing to give suggestions for free. Hit me up!

WP customization

Already have a Wordpress site but need some changes? Tell me about it!

PHP Customizations

Want to add functionalities or tweaking to your existing system? Let me do it!

Skill set


Bootstrap 3 and 4, CSS, HTML, Javascript, JQuery


PHP, MySQL database

Cloud & Hosting

AWS, Bluehost, GoDaddy, FatCow

Frameworks & CMS

Codeigniter, Laravel 5, Wordpress


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